Our Vision Statement

FIRST TERM (27th May – 10th Aug, 2013)
  May 23rd 2013   Fresh and Returning Student’s arrival  
  May 23-25th 2013   Registration & Orientation  
  May 27th, 2013   First term begins  
  May 31st – June 2nd, 2013   Spiritual Emphasis Meetings  
  June 10th, 2013   Inauguration of Evangelism  
  June 14th, 2013   Fresher’s Day & Community Dinner  
  June 22nd, 2013   Fasting Prayer – Cell group  
  July 01-05, 2013   Retake Examination  
  July 27th, 2013   Night Prayer Cell group  
  July 21st, 2013   Seminary Sunday  
  August 10th, 2013   First Term Ends  
  August 15th, 2013   Independence Day (Common worship)  
  August 12th – 17th 2013   First Term Examination  
SECOND TERM (19th Aug – 3rd Nov, 2013)
  August 19th, 2013   Second Term begins  
  August 23rd, 2013   Cultural Night & Community Dinner  
  August 30th, 2013   Fasting Prayer  
  September 5th,2013   Teachers day  
  September 13th, 2013   Cell group meet in Faculty Homes  
  September 20th, 2013   Night Prayer Cell group  
  September 23rd – 28th   First Term Retake Exam  
  October 7th, 2013   Annual Sports Inauguration  
  October 18th – 20th 2013   Mission Conference  
  October 25th, 2013   Fasting Prayer  
  November 2nd 2013   Second Term ends  
  November 4th – 8th, 2013   Second Term Examination  
THIRD TERM (11th Nov, 2013 - 1st Feb, 2014)
  November 11th, 2013   Third Term Begins  
  November 15th, 2013   Night Prayer- Cell Group  
  November 18th-20th, 2013   Salt and Light Seminar  
  November 30th, 2013   Thesis Proposal submission – M2  
  December 13th, 2013   Night Prayer Cell Group  
  December 16th – 21st, 2013   Second Term Retake Exam  
  December 25th, 2013   Christmas Holidays  
  December 31st, 213   Watch night Service  
  January 1st, 2014   New Year  
      Kottayam Convention (missionaries on the campus)  
  January 24th, 2014   Fasting Prayer  
  January 26th, 2014   Republic Day – Holiday & Sports Finals  
  January 31st, 2014   Thesis/Research Submission  
  February 1st, 2014   Third term ends.  
  February 3rd – 8th , 2014   Third Term Examination  
  February 10th, 2014   Farewell to the Graduating Class (Students)  
  February 11th, 2014   Graduating Students Dinner with Faculty  
  February 14th, 2014   Baccalaureate Service Celebration day community Dinner (Friday Evening 6pm – 8pm)  
  February 15th, 2014   11th Graduation Ceremony (Saturday Morning 9:30- 1.00 pm)  
  February 16th 2014   Room Cleaning & Sign up Exit Cards + Students leave for Summer Ministry  
  February 17th-22nd   Lead Institute 2014  
        Dean of Academics

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