Media and Publications

The Publication Department serves the IPCTSK in a unique fashion. It records, reports and produces newsletters, magazines, and journals in order to cater to the multifarious needs.

The seminary publishes a quarterly newsletter in the name Inspire. It acquaints the readers such as students, alumni, sponsors, and well-wishers about the life at the seminary, during a specific quarter. Those who wish to have the copies of Inspire may send their e-mail addresses to the publication department. They can also download the newsletter through the link in this webpage.

The seminary also produces an annual magazine, which is a souvenir. It includes felicitations from the well-wishers, and an annual chronicle of the Seminary. It also serves as a venue for the faculty of the seminary to write articles that could be beneficial for the wider public. In addition, it includes the contributions of the students such as articles, poems, stories etc. Those wishing to acquire a copy of the annual magazine may contact the office of the Publication department of IPCTSK.

The seminary also plans to release an academic journal in the near future. It would include scholarly articles, which are written by faculty of the seminary, and by other reputed academicians around the globe. These articles are intended to cater to the academia, to enrich them both intellectually, as well as spiritually.
Articles Authored by the Faculty
Rev. Abey Peter
Recuperation of Theological Education: The Trendsetting
Rev. Thomas T. Varughese
Forces in the Extension of the Kingdom: The Trend with Principles
Knitting In: An Identity for Centuries
Rev. Manoj Korada
Trend-Setting: Insignificant Context and Significant Consequence
Rev. Joy T. Samuel
Conversion and Persecution in India: A Pentecostal Reflection.
Knit in Love: Implications to Pentecostalism in India
Pentecostalism: A Trendsetter to the Charismatic Movement
Rev. Thomas Samuel
Rev. Kurien K. Philip
Significance of Media in a Multi-religious Context
Rev. Samuel Eapen
Setting Trends on the Way: Pentecostalism as a Counterculture
Mr. Reji Thomas
John Chrysostom: Prophet to the Decaying Church and Epitome of Purity and Integrity
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