Master of Divinity (M.Div)

Master of Divinity is a specialised degree that enables working professionals and Christian ministers to acquire comprehensive knowledge of God's Word which would facilitate them to involve in a desired ministry.
Objectives of Master of Divinity
On successfully completion of this program, each of the graduate will,
  Understand the Word of God and learn to apply it in his/her respective life contexts.
  Enhance life and spirituality with a passion for Christ-likeness.
  Develop themselves as servant-leaders who promote the concept of the Church as the body of Christ in life and ministry.
  Enhance skills for a Spirit-empowered ministry appropriate to different contexts.
  Be passionate for mission and evangelism.
  Promote integration of Christian reflection and action.
  Strengthen the existing Churches.
Entry Requirements      
  Applicants must be born again, committed Christians Passionate for the study of the Word of God with an intention to be effective in the God-given role in ministry.
  Applicants must hold a Bachelor's degree from any recognised University or a Bachelor of Theology either from Asia Theological Association (ATA) or Senate of Serampore College (University) (SSC).
  Applicants who have completed 30 years of age may be considered for admission after qualifying the entrance exams.
  Applicants must own a computer with a good configuration and a stable internet connection.
Mode of Study      
Master of Divinity is offered in a modular system (one course at a time). Course content is delivered through recorded lectures, live interactive sessions and other study aids.      
Period of Study      
Master of Divinity is a three year program. Each subject lasts for a duration of 45 to 60 days. The students are expected to complete their subject within this period. Extension can be allowed only on payment of an extension fee.      
Areas of Study      
Master of Divinity program comprises of 60% foundational courses and 40% specialization courses. Foundation courses other than the area of specialization include the following areas: Bible, Church History, Theology/Ethics, Practical Theology, Ministry related courses, Pastoral, Mission, Christian Education and Religions.      
Subjects Offered      
  Sl. M.Div (Online Mode) M.Div (Distance Mode)    
  Core Courses  
  1. Study Skills (Preparatory Course) 1. History of Israel (Historical Books)  
  2. Introduction to the Old Testament 2. Poetical Books and Wisdom Literature  
  3. Introduction to the New Testament 3. Pastoral Epistles  
  4. Jesus in the Synoptic Gospels 4. Person and Work of Jesus Christ  
  5. Jesus in the Gospel of John 5. Person and Work of Holy Spirit  
  6. Writings of Moses 6. Ecclesiology  
  7. Apostle Paul: His life, Ministry and Writings 7. Christian Education  
  8. History of Christianity 8. History of Mission  
  9. Systematic Theology 9. Gospel and Culture  
  10. Major Religions of the World 10. Christian Anthropology  
  11. Bible and Mission 11. History of Christianity in India  
  12. Christian Counselling 12. Communication and Mass Media  
  13. Christian Ethics    
  14. Interpreting the Bible    
  15. Principles of Preaching    
  16. Ministry Internship    
  Optional Courses    
  1. Prophets in the Old Testament    
  2. Judges and Kings of Israel    
  3. Psalms and Proverbs    
  4. Christian Apologetics    
  5. Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements    
  6. Church and Mission    
  7. Church and Ministry    
  8. Christian Leadership    
  9. Marriage Counselling    
  10. Elementary Greek-I    
The Master of Divinity is a hybrid program which is worth 90 credits. It incorporates twenty (20) subjects through online mode and ten (10) subjects through distance education.      
Application Procedure      
1. Fill in the application form online or download the application form from and send the filled application form to us at      
2. (optional) Download the form of acceptance by Mentor and upload it after filling it. Download in PDF Format, Download in Word Format      
3. (optional) Download the form of acceptance by Ministry Supervisor & upload after filling it. Download in PDF Format, Download in Word Format      
4. Pay the Fees through Credit/Debit Card/Internet Banking.      
Course Fees      
Since Master of Divinity is offered in a modular system (one subject at a time), the subject fee has to be paid at the beginning of each subject.      
  Admission Fee Admission Fee
Fee for Admission
    USD 104 .00  
  Subject Fee Subject Fee (Per Subject)
Fee for each Subject or Course
    USD 154 .00  
  Extension Fee Extension Fee.
Fee for Subject Extension
    USD 54 .00  
  Graduation Fee Graduation Fee
Fee for Graduation
    USD 154 .00  
  Transcript Fee Transcript Fee
Fee for Transcript
    USD 154 .00  
  The Centre for Online Theological Studies (COTS) reserve the right to revise the fee schedule as and where it is necessary in accordance to the escala from in the operating costs of the program      
Graduation Requirements      
Students must fulfil the requirements as per the demands of the academic council of the IPCTSK and ATA. Successful completion of the credits, character, spiritual development and ministry commitment will be assessed. The student must earn 90 credits by completing modules. This includes completion of assignments, and exams.      
Contact Details      
The Director,

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Post Box No.3, Puthuppally P.O
Kottayam, Kerala, India-686011
Tel: +91 7034441774 (9:00 AM - 5:00 PM IST), +91 8606768270.
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