Our Ethos

IPCTSK is Pentecostal - We seek to live our lives true to the historical, evangelical faith, which is enlightened and empowered by the Holy Spirit and to uphold the Pentecostal tradition of dynamic life and witness. We also seek to fan the flame of the gospel far and wide with the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
IPCTSK is Academic - We believe that ‘anointed erudition’ is a genuine mark of the Spirit. Therefore we seek to uphold the best traditions of excellence in academic training.
IPCTSK is Egalitarian - We believe in Christian community life that is inspired by the love of God and therefore we seek to shun all forms of discrimination including those arising out of racial, gender, culture, colour, and class or ‘caste’ differences. Here, teachers and members of the staff do not ride roughshod over students but respectfully serve them thereby modelling true ‘servant leadership.’
IPCTSK is ‘Indian’ - Without any vain notions of ethnic or national superiority or even a trace of xenophobia, we seek to uphold the best practices of Indian culture, cuisine and attire. We however belong to the wider body of Christ, the Universal Church, and work in partnership with all God’s people.
IPCTSK is Holistic - We seek to balance our emphases on spiritual formation, academic excellence, physical fitness, maturity in social interaction, practical ministry skills and environmental stewardship.
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