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A Brief History of IPCTSK
The members of the Indian Pentecostal Church have long cherished the dream of a theological seminary that is commonly owned by all the members of the denomination. Following the initiatives by Rev. Dr. John Daniel and Bro. George Muruppel, in 1992, additional private discussions were held with Pastor A. C. George, Pastor K. V. Kurien, Pastor P. K. Chacko, Bro. George Mathai CPA, Bro. Roy Vakathanam, Bro. Thomas V. Johnson and some others to start a commonly owned seminary in Kerala that maintains high academic and spiritual standards. Following this initiative, a meeting of the delegates from IPC churches in North America was convened in New York on December 19, 1992. At this meeting the IPC North American Council was formed, and this Council entrusted the then Executives of the IPC North American Council to present the desire of the Council to start a commonly owned seminary in Kerala that maintains high academic and spiritual standards. This Proposal was presented to the IPC General Council by Pastor A. C. George and Bro. George Muruppel who were then also members of the IPC General Council representing the IPC Eastern Region in North America. In January 1993, the IPC General Council unanimously approved the Proposal to start an institution under the name “IPC Theological Seminary”. However, the project did not take off as planned then.

In 1999 while Rev. K. M. Joseph was the District Minister of IPC Kottayam South District, the district committee planned to establish a Bible School and purchase a convention ground and collected Rs. 53,000.00 and deposited in the bank for that purpose . Bro. Joy Thanavelil was selected as the convener for the proposed project. However, this project also did not materialize as planned then.

When the late Rev. Dr. John Daniel took over as the District Minister of the IPC Kottayam South District in 2000, the active endorsement from Kottayam North District for the project was seen as a divine approval. The Kottayam North and South Center coordination committee met on February 4, 2001, elected a nine member ad hoc committee comprising of Pastors John Daniel and K. C. Cherian as Presidents, Bro. Joy Thanavelil as Secretary, Bro. Jacob T. Abraham as Joint Secretary, Bro. Kurian Joseph as Treasurer, and Pastors E. A. Moses, A. T. George, K. T. Thomas, and Bro. V. M. Mathew as committee members to search and find a suitable location and to proceed with the project. During the 63rd Kottayam District Convention of IPC, on February 18, 2001, Pastor K. M. John, the IPC Kerala State President, declared this project open by faith. The ad hoc committee found a bungalow situated on a small isle of 3.6 acres in the midst of a large paddy field, an ideal serene setting suitable for a college campus, at Manganam, on the outskirts of Kottayam town. On March 3, 2001 they gave Rs. 50,000.00 from the Bible School fund as an advance to secure the place. On April 7, 2001 they gave the remaining advance of 9.5 lakhs collected from among themselves as loans and donations and signed an agreement with the owner to purchase the property for Rs.33.5 lakhs and to pay the rest within one year. On April 16, 2001, the General President of IPC, Pastor T. S. Abraham inaugurated the Seminary.

In August 2001, Rev. Dr. John Daniel, Bros. Joy Thanavelil and V. M. Mathew visited the USA to raise Rupees 40 lakhs with a promise to make those who donate Rupees one lakh as Director Board member of the seminary. Surpassing their expectations many more joined as members with generous donations including some from Persian Gulf countries. This was made possible by the efforts of Dr. John Daniel to blend the vision of those in USA in 1992 along with the current efforts at Kottayam. In January 2003, the IPC Educational and Welfare Society (IPCEWS) was registered in Kerala as the parent organization of the seminary, comprising of members from USA, Persian Gulf and Kerala who donated one lakh rupees or more as founding members of the Society (Reg. No. K. 18/2003). Today there are over 200 members on the Society's Board.

Members in USA and Canada formed a Society in USA on July 5, 2002 named as “IPC Educational and Welfare Society of North America”, to support the seminary and other projects of IPEWS and incorporated it on August 2002 as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Several members such as Bros. George Muruppel, George Mathai CPA, Roy Vakathanam, Thomas Varghese CPA, Jaison Joseph Aryappallil, George Pappy, and Pastors A. C. George, John Daniel, V. J. Thomas, Joseph Williams, Antony Rocky, Thomas Koshy held key positions in this organization. This Society has now 134 members in its Board of Directors as Charter Members , Partner Members , Patron Members , Sponsor Members , and Faculty Sponsors and its day to day administration is managed by an Executive Committee headed currently by Rev. Monis George, Dallas as the Chairman and Bro. George Muruppel, Florida as the Co-Chairman.

During the first year of the functioning of the seminary, Rev. Dr. John Daniel, the Principal, and Pastor K. C. Cherian, the Vice-Principal, led a team of ten visiting faculty and sixteen students. Mr. Thomas Samuel served as full time registrar and resident Dean of Students. In June 2002, a four-year B. Th. Program in English medium was introduced. In June 2003, the first batch of M. Div. students arrived. In 2004, the Seminary held its first graduation ceremony for the first batch of Diploma students. The full time faculty team has been growing consistently since 2002. Today there are 17 full time faculty members, with 4 earned doctorates and 12 earned M. Th. Permanent buildings and other infrastructure are being developed, as per the master plan developed by M/s Davis Design Group.
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