Ownership and Management

  The IPC Theological Seminary Kottayam (formerly IPC KTS) is owned by the IPC Educational and Welfare Society (IPCEWS). This Society is made up of individual and institutional members of the IPC churches in North America, India, and Persian Gulf region. A Board of Directors comprising of the paid up members of the society, sets forth the policies and approves projects and budgets of the society. The Society has currently over 250 permanent board members, mainly from the Gulf countries, North America, Canada and India. IPC Educational and Welfare Society of North America, Inc. formed by the members of this society in USA and Canada, plays a pivotal roll in the functioning and funding of the seminary. A fifteen member Managing Committee elected by the Board of Directors manages Day to day operation of the society.

The current office bearers of the Society's managing committee are:-

President – Br. Varkey Abraham
Vice President – Rev. Dr. T.C. Koshy
Secretary – Br. Saji Paul
Treasurer – Br. Jacob T Abraham
Estate Manager – Br. Kuruvalla Varkey

The other projects of the Society include, Susamachar Kendra in Bihar and in Rasra  (UP) focuses on training indigenous missionaries for North India. The Society partners with the Varkey Abraham Foundation in managing the Ebenezer Patient Guidance Centre for out-patients and their relatives of CMC, Velloor. The Society also works in partnership with Compassion International in managing the Youth Transit Centre (YTC) located on the Seminary's campus and Child Development Centre (CDC) located in UP. It plans to establish several institutions such as residential schools, technical schools, orphanages, old age homes and other educational and charitable institutions.
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