Principal's Welcome Message

  Dear friend,

It is my joy to welcome you to go through our website, which gives you a concise view of the programme and prospects of the IPC Theological Seminary Kottayam (IPCTSK). IPCTSK exists to provide excellent theological education with an intention to cater to the multidimensional needs of the society.

We believe that quality education brings perpetual behavioural changes in the seekers. These behavioural changes due to education would alter the worldview, stimuli, perceptions and interactions of the learners. IPCTSK aspires and works hard to create an environment that integrates cognitive, behavioural and affective dimensions with an expected result of healthy and productive changes in the learners. With this vision, IPCTSK conglomerates academic excellence with Christ like character in the entire program of the institution.

IPCTSK is a platform which helps the students to grow into the maturity of Christ, develop God given potentials and thus to engage in the ministry of transformation of the nations. Our vision is to be an excellent theological seminary that is driven by the vision of helping all God's people become mature in Christ and effective in the ministry of the gospel. The variety of residential and extension programmes offered by the institution, the careful selection of the faculty and the multidimensional/integrated curriculum, focus on the development and enhancement of servant leaders with Christ like character and passion for the mission.

Your choice of obedience to God’s call would be reinforced as you stay and learn in a community like ours, with friends from multi linguistic and cultural settings. The multifaceted emphases of our institution in equipping men and women for God’s service have proved its effectiveness during its operations for over a decade. The emphasis on academic excellence, opportunity to grow to Christlikeness, inculcating discipleship through cell groups, opening for vocational training, emphasis on Mission, opportunity for skill development, placement and assistance after the training, efficient continuing education, systematic internship programme and the life in the campus promotes holistic development in the students. The years will be exciting and worthwhile schooling is guaranteed.

Join us and be a part of the Great Commission!

Best wishes,

Rev. Abey Peter
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