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“You are our letter, and you are in our hearts for everyone to read and understand. You are like a letter written by Christ and delivered by us. But you are not written with pen and ink or on tablets made of stone. You are written in our hearts by the Spirit of the living God” (2 Cor. 3:2-3. CEV).

Affectionate and supportive alumni network and their engagement in the vision of the Alma Mater play a crucial role in the success and promotion of the institution. A vibrant relationship between the alumni and the institution brings mutual benefits. IPC TSK considers its alumni as its strength and the public display of its vision. With immense gratitude to God for the commitment of our alumni to church and society, we are proud of their significant engagements in the development of communities. Their strategic engagements in the development of individuals and communities, in India and other South Asian countries, is a hallmark of the vision instilled in them by IPCTSK. We value their ability to create a profound impact on the growth of the ministry of IPC TSK.

IPC TSK is committed to connecting to its alumni through different platforms; to keep them informed of the development of the seminary and to update the resources available for them, from time to time. On this page, we have consolidated the information and resources, through a few links, for the use of the graduates of IPC TSK. We wholeheartedly invite you to explore the pages of this website and register as an alumnus, for more resources. We hope that your continued relationship with us would further nourish and strengthen you to sharpen your vision.

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