IPC Theological Seminary, Kottayam

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Who We Are

IPC Theological Seminary Kottayam (IPCTSK) is a premier ministerial training institute, established under the collective ownership and governance of individuals and churches of the leading indigenous Pentecostal movement of India. IPC Theological Seminary Kottayam is unique in its vision, collective ownership, transparency, systematic holistic training, and its strategic engagements in nation-building. Driven by the passion to see nations flooded with the glory of Christ; the national initiative is an excellent paradigm for partnership in mission. The long-cherished dream of the members and churches of Indian Pentecostal Church of God to develop a theological seminary came true with the faith step taken by a team, under the leadership of late Dr John Daniel, the founder president in 2001.

IPC Educational and Welfare Society(IPCEWS), made up of individual and institutional members globally, who subscribe to its vision, owns the Seminary. A fifteen-member Senate, selected from the Board and expertise in the field of education, mission and leadership, set forth the policies, which are implemented by the Administrative Council headed by the Principal.

The wide range of courses offered in three different modes equip the full time and bi-vocational ministers, fulfil their call. The Residential, Distance and Online modes open a wider canvas of learning for people from around the globe. The Seminary offers Masters (M. Div., M. A in Theology), Bachelors (B.Th.) and Graduate Diploma Programs along with other short term training programs. IPC TSK is the first Seminary in South Asia that developed a full-fledged Masters level online programme. The Masters, Bachelors and Graduate Diploma programs of the Seminary are accredited by the Asia Theological Association (ATA).

Our Mission & Vision

We seek to be an excellent Pentecostal seminary that is driven by the vision of all God's people being mature in Christ and effective in the ministry of the Gospel.

We seek to impart excellent and holistic training to all who seek a Pentecostal theological education by offering a range of residential and extension programmes as we work with God in the moulding of servant leaders

Our Core Values

  • The authority of the Bible, as the divinely inspired and infallible Word of God.
  • The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, the unique Son of God and our Saviour.
  • A life of Christian discipleship under the guidance and empowerment of the Holy Spirit and with the manifestation of spiritual gifts as in apostolic days, leading to Christ-likeness.
  • Holistic and contextual practice of mission with due emphasis on evangelism and church planting.
  • The priesthood of all believers and promotion of ‘Body Ministry’ (Ephesians 4:11ff).
  • Love and unity in community life with no place for discrimination of any kind.
  • ‘Servant leadership’ characterised by mutual respect, integrity and accountability.
  • Chastity in single life and/or in marriage.
  • Excellence in academics with emphasis on spiritual formation into Christ-likeness.

Our Ethos

  • IPCTSK is Pentecostal - We seek to live our lives true to the historical, evangelical faith, which is enlightened and empowered by the Holy Spirit and to uphold the Pentecostal tradition of dynamic life and witness. We also seek to fan the flame of the gospel far and wide with the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
  • IPCTSK is Academic - We believe that ‘anointed erudition’ is a genuine mark of the Spirit. Therefore we seek to uphold the best traditions of excellence in academic training.
  • IPCTSK is Egalitarian - We believe in Christian community life that is inspired by the love of God and therefore we seek to shun all forms of discrimination including those arising out of racial, gender, culture, colour, and class or ‘caste’ differences. Here, teachers and members of the staff do not ride roughshod over students but respectfully serve them thereby modelling true ‘servant leadership.’
  • IPC TSK is global: Without any vain notions of ethnic or national superiority or even a trace of xenophobia, we seek to uphold best practices of all cultures and work in partnership with all God’s people.
  • IPCTSK is Holistic - We seek to balance our emphases on spiritual formation, academic excellence, physical fitness, maturity in social interaction, practical ministry skills and environmental stewardship.