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Impression is the publication wing of IPCTSK which functions under the auspices of IPC Educational and Welfare Society. The motto of “impression” is to produce, promote and propagate Christian knowledge through academic and popular literature in both the print and electronic forms, with its avowed commitment to the historical, evangelical and Pentecostal moorings of the Christian faith. Put simply, “impression” as a publishing house spreads God’s word in order to equip, empower the church and engage with the society. Therefore, “impression” is unique in its coverage and reach. It covers issues ranging from Bible, theology, church, and mission to the contemporary challenges affecting families, youths and children of our nation. By virtue of its widened scope, impression is able to connect with people from all walks of life. The professed evangelical-Pentecostal stand of the publishing house does not foreclose the space for debate and discussion in any way because “impression” also believes in dialoging and collaborating with Christian publishers and writers with similar or somewhat different persuasions.


Build, a mobile-based application is designed to inspire and encourage people with the message of love and hope. It features podcasts, videos, songs, and news. The users will have the benefit of receiving daily morning devotions, Bible study series, devotional eBooks, educational and motivational videos and other Christian resources. It also caters to the multi-dimensional needs of children and youth, molding them to committed disciples of Christ. Building a community towards Christ-likeness is the expected outcome of this application.
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Inspire the bi-monthly newsletter of IPC Theological Seminary Kottayam presents to the readers the programs and events at the campus and of the graduates. It portrays the student life at the campus, testimonies, stories from the field, devotional write-ups and announcements. Aiming to update the graduates, church and other well-wishers, Inspire includes the news and report of the seminary. Inspire reaches the Board members of the seminary, well-wishers and prayer partners.


Comprising the panoramic view of the life and activities of students and staff of the seminary, the annual magazine “Together” portrays an overall idea of the seminary before its readers. Along with the general activity reports, it includes academic articles and other write-ups on a specific theme, every year. The theme aims to address the contemporary issues of society and church. It provides a platform for students to showcase their creativity, deliberate current issues and develop their writing skills.


3:16 Creations, the audio-visual recording studio of IPC Theological Seminary Kottayam, provides facility for singers, preachers and content creators, with modern amenities for professional recording and editing. Sophisticated recording devices and the separate video and audio floors make 3:16 Creations unique in its output. It aims to serve society and church through quality production and editing of Christian contents resulting in evangelism and edification.

Thiruvachanam Project:

Thiruvachanam project strives to make available the Word of God in the contemporary Malayalam language, eliminating the glaring disparities and obscurities in the present translation, making it understandable for the present and the emerging generation. IPC EWS through IPC Theological Seminary has initiated this task in response to the need voiced by leaders, thinkers and Christian workers cutting across denominations. Along with channelizing its resources, IPC EWS partners with a credible national translation agency that has proven technical experience. The translation process will include all the essential stages of drafting, exegetical checking, community checking (for clarity and naturalness), and checking by accredited Bible Translation Consultants and aims to bring out a flawless translation of the Word of God into contemporary Malayalam, undergirded by accuracy, clarity, simplicity, understandability, and communicability’.